Brabham Repco Bt19 Formula 1 World Championship 1966 with Jack Brabham



The Brabham Repco BT19 won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1966 under the guidance of the australian driver Jack Brabham, it was the first time that a driver won the Formula 1 World Championship with a car bearing his name.

Designed by Ron Tauranac the Brabham Repco BT19 in 1965 to mount a 1.5 liter Coventry Climax engine, but for the 1966 Formula 1 Championship, the FIA brought the 3-liter displacement limit. The Repco developed a new V8 engine precisely for the use of its compatriot Brabham in 1966. The limited time forced the Australian team to use the chassis of the BT19. The Repco engine did not have the same power as the Ferrari engine, but proved lighter and more reliable.

The Monaco Grand Prix was the first race of the Championship and was also the debut of the Brabham Repco BT19. Brabham retired for the gearbox breakup. The first victory came at the French Grand Prix, which was disputed on the fast circuit of Reims, Brabham initially used the wake of the Ferrari of Bandini to remain close to him, and after the withdrawal of the italian rider, Brabham won the race.

After winning the French Grand Prix, Brabham won another three consecutive victories in Great Britain at the Brands Hatch circuit, in Holland at Zandvoort and in Germany at the Nurburgring. With these victories obtained an important advantage on the world rankings with three races from the end.

The Italian Grand Prix was the last race of the Brabham Repco BT19, which retired due to an oil leak, but thanks to the withdrawals of Surtees and Stewart, Jack Brabham graduated as a Formula 1 World Champion for the third time, after the victories with the Cooper T51 of 1959 and the Cooper T53 of 1960.


Brabham BT19
steel spaceframe with fibreglass body
Length: ? mm
Width: ? mm
Height: ? mm
Brakes: discs, all round
Tyres: Goodyear


Repco 620 90° V8 2995 cc
Power: 213 kw
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive.
Transmission: Hewland HD/DG, five speed manual, ZF differential
Tank capacity: 75 litres
Fuel Type: Petrol


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1966 with driver Jack Brabham
GP winner: GP of France 1966, GP of Great Britain 1966, GP of Holland 1966, GP of Germany 1966

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