Ferrari 500 F2 winner Formula 1 Champion 1953 with Alberto Ascari



The Ferrari 500 F2 is the car with Scuderia Ferrari competed in the F1 World Championship in 1953.

The car was the same as the previous World Championship in 1952. The engineer Aurelio Lampredi with small changes including the increase in engine power and the positioning of exhaust exhausts on the right side, managed to maintain the leadership of the world.

Alberto Ascari with the Ferrari 500 F2 won his second conssecutive Formula 1 World Championship. The italian rider won the Grand Prix of: Argentina, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and Switzerland. Ferrari also won the Gran Prix French with Mike Hawthorn and Gran Prix Germany with Giuseppe Farina.

In the first five positions of the world rankings, four were drivers driving the Ferrari 500 F2, Ascari, Hawthorn, Farina, Villoresi. The only one to break the hegemony of the Maranello stable was the argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio with the Maserati.


Ferrari 500 F2
Aluminium body on tubular chassis
Length: 3988 mm
Width: 1402 mm
Height: 1050 mm
Brakes: drums, all round
Tyres: Pirelli


Ferrari Straight 4, 1985 cc, front, longitudinally mounted.
Power: 145 kW
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: four speed Manual.
Fuel Type: Petrol
Tank Capacity: ?


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1953 with driver Alberto Ascari
GP winner: GP of Argentina 1953 with Alberto Ascari, GP of Holland 1953 with Alberto Ascari, GP of Belgio 1953 with Alberto Ascari, GP of France 1953 with Mike Hawthorn, GP of Great Britain 1953 with Alberto Ascari, GP of Germany 1953 with Giuseppe Farina, GP of Switzerland 1953 with Alberto Ascari

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