Ferrari F1 F2001 Formula 1 Champion 2001 with Michael Schumacher

FERRARI F1 F2001 n.1


The Ferrari F1 F2001 was the dominant car of the F1 World Championship in 2001. Rory Byrne’s project did not differ much from the Ferrari F2000 of the previous year, the lower nose and the new air intake of the brakes the main differences.

Michael Schumacher won his fourth world title with the Ferrari F1 F2001. The german driver’s season was fantastic, winning nine grand prizes: GP Australia, GP Malaysia, GP Spain, GP Monaco, GP Europe, GP France, GP Hungary, GP Belgium and GP Japan. Nobody managed to keep up with Schumacher’s overwhelming power, Coulthard on McLaren came second in the World Championship with half the points of the german driver. Ferrari thanks to the second guide Barrichello also won the constructors’ title.


Ferrari F1 F2001
Carbon-composite monocoque
Length: 4445 mm
Width: 1796 mm
Height: 959 mm
Brakes: ventilated carbon discs, all-round
Tyres: Bridgestone


Ferrari Type 050, 2997 cc V10 90°
Power: 660-670 kW
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: Semi-automatic Sequential Limited-slip Differential Gearbox Seven Speed Forward and One reverse
Fuel Type: Petrol
Tank Capacity: ?


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 2001 with driver Michael Schumacher
GP winner: GP of Australia 2001, GP of Malaysia 2001, GP of Spain 2001, GP of Monaco 2001, GP of Europe 2001, GP of France 2001, GP of Hungary 2001, GP of Belgium 2001, GP of Japan 2001

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