Ferrari - Lancia D50 winner Formula 1 World Champion 1956 with Fangio



The Ferrari – Lancia D50 is the winning car of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1956. Designed by engineer Vittorio Jano in 1954 on the decision of Gianni Lancia to participate in the Formula 1 World Championships in the two-year period 1954-1955, although with poor results . In 1956 the car was bought by the Scuderia Ferrari that made some very important construction changes, the main one was the displacement of the tank in the rear and not in the large sides that were maintained.

Juan Manuel Fangio with the Ferrari – Lancia D50 won the 1956 F1 World Championship, for the Argentinian rider was the fourth world title. After the Mercedes retreat, Fangio went to Ferrari and during the season won three Grand Prix: Argentina shared with Luigi Musso, Great Britain and Germany. Fundamental was the second place shared with Peter Collins in the Italian GP last race of the season, where he obtained three points with which Stirling Moss detached in the standings.


Ferrari-Lancia D50
Aluminium body on tubular chassis
Length: 3850 mm
Width: 1448 mm
Height: 962 mm
Brakes: Drum
Tyres: Englebert


Ferrari 2490 cc V8 Front, longitudinally mounted
Power: 213 kW
Naturally Aspirated
Drive Type: Front
Transmission: Manual five speed and RM
Fuel Type: Petrol


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1956 driver Juan Manuel Fangio
GP winner: GP of Argentine 1956 with drivers Juan Manuel Fangio, Luigi Musso, GP of Belgium 1956 with driver Peter Collins, GP of France 1956 with driver Peter Collins, GP of Great Britain 1956 with driver Juan Manuel Fangio, GP of Germany 1956 with driver Juan Manuel Fangio

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