Lotus Climax 33 Winner Formula 1 Champion 1965 with Clark



The Lotus Climax 33 is a car that participated in the Formula One World Championship of 1965. Colin Chapman designed the 33, refining the previous Lotus 25, the most obvious differences were, the most powerful Climax engine and new suspensions, due to the larger size of the wheels.

Jim Clark at the helm of the Lotus Climax 33 won the 1965 World Championship by winning his second drivers title. The Scottish driver won five races: GP South Africa, GP Belgium, GP Great Britain, GP Holland and the Germany GP. During the season Clark did not participate in the Grand Prix of Monaco to race and win the 500 miles of Indianapolis with the Lotus 38, while in the last three races of the world was forced to retire due to engine problems, but Graham Hill could not take advantage of remaining second in the world. Lotus also won the constructors title


Lotus 33
G.R.P. body on aluminium monocoque
Length: 3604 mm
Width: 1650 mm
Height: 838 mm
Brakes: discs, all-round
Tyres: Dunlop


Coventry Climax FWMV 1495 cc 90° V8
Power: 153 kW
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: ZF 5DS-10 5 speed Manual
Fuel Type: Petrol
Tank Capacity: ?


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1965 with driver Jim Clark
GP winner: GP of South Africa 1965, GP of Belgium 1965, GP of Great Britain 1965, GP of Holland 1965, GP of Germany 1965.

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