McLaren Mercedes Benz MP4/13 n.8 Formula 1 World Champion 1998



The McLaren – Mercedes Benz MP4/13 n.8 is the car that won the Formula One World Championship in 1998. After years of defeats, the Woking team presented itself in 1998 as the favorite car of the world. The MP4/13 was designed by Adrian Newey, who after years of wins with Williams decided to try new experiences. The new car was equipped with the Mercedes Benz engine and Bridgestone tires.

Mika Hakkinen at the helm of McLaren – Mercedes Benz MP4/13 n.8 won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1998, winning his first drivers’ title. The Finnish driver fought the whole season with Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F300. The world championship was decided at the last grand prix at the Suzuka circuit, the Scandinavian rider won the race and the world championship while the German was forced to retire. Hakkinen won eight prizes during the season: Australia, Brazil, Spain, Monaco, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Japan.


McLaren MP4/13
Moulded carbon fibre composite structure
Length: 4550 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Brakes: AP Racing discs and claws
Tyres: Bridgestone


Mercedes Benz FO 110G V10, 2997 cc in a mid-mounted
Power: 760 CV
DriveType: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: McLaren six-speed longitudinal semi-automatic
Fuel Type: Petrol


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1998 – driver Mika Hakkinen
GP winner: GP of Australia 1998, GP of Brasil 1998, GP of Spain 1998, GP of Monaco 1998, GP of Austria 1998, GP of Germany 1998, GP of Luxembourg 1998, GP of Japan 1998

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