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The Ferrari 158 F1 was designed by the engineer Mauro Forghieri for the 1964 F1 World Championship. The project is inspired by the revolutionary Lotus 25 that dominated the 1963 world championship with Jim Clark. The structure of the monocoque was trussed in steel tubes, where aluminum panels were placed. The tanks of the Ferrari 158 F1 were sideways and in front of the driver’s seat, which allowed the reduction of the front section improving the distribution of the weights. For the engine the Ferrari abandoned the old V6 for a V8 of 1489 cc.

Under the leadership of John Surtees, the Ferrari 158 F1 won the F1 World Championships in 1964 and thanks to team-mate Lorenzo Bandini (winner of the Austrian Grand Prix), also the constructors’ championship. John Surtees got two victories in that year, in the Grand Prix of Germany and in the Italian Grand Prix, but thanks to the second place in the last race of the Grand Prix Mexico, he managed to overtake Graham Hill by one point.
John Surtees is the only driver to win both a F1 and a motorcycle world championship.


Ferrari 158 F1
Aluminium semi-monocoque with semi-stressed engine
Length: 3950 mm
Width: 1697 mm
Height: 768 mm
Brakes: ventilated discs, all round, mounted in-board at the rear
Tyres: Dunlop


Ferrari Type 205/B 90° V8 1489,23 cc
Power: 157 kw
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive.
Transmission: Ferrari Type 543/C, six speed manual
Tank: 125 litres
Fuel Type: Petrol


Winner Formula 1 World Champion 1964 with driver John Surtees
GP winner: GP of Germany 1964 with John Surtees, GP of Austria 1964 with Lorenzo Bandini, GP of Italy 1964 with John Surtees

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