PORSCHE 906 LH n.30



PORSCHE 906 LH n.30


The Porsche 906 LH it is a car that took part in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 1965 906 prototype evolved thanks to the designer Eugen Kolb, who had the longest rear. From this configuration the name 906 LH was given, long tail translated into German Langheck. It was shown publicly for the first time on test day in Le Mans. For the race three specimens were made and it was able to reach 280 km/h with a 2-liter engine of 15 km/h higher than the 906. At high speeds the LH created a lifting effect that made it move forward quickly on the straight, but it was very dangerous.


Porsche 906 LH
Coque acier
Length: ? mm
Width: 1680 mm
Height: 980 mm
Suspension front: wishbones, coil springs
Suspension rear: wishbones, coil springs
Brakes: discs, all-round
Tyres: Dunlop


Porsche 921/20 1991 cc 6 cylindres boxer
Power: 157 kW
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive.
Transmission: Porsche five speed manual
Differential: Rear differential lock
Tank Capacity: ? lt
Fuel Type: Petrol


Fourth in the 24 hours of Le Mans 1966 with drivers Jo Siffert, Colin Davis


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Davis Colin, Siffert Jo




24 Hours of Le Mans

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