BMW – SAUBER F1.07 n.9




BMW – SAUBER F1.07 n.9


The BMW – Sauber F1.07 is a car that has partecipated at the Formula 1 World Champion 2007. Designed by Willy Rampf and with the support of Jörg Zander and Willem Toet.
Nick Heidfeld at the wheels of the BMW – Sauber F1.07 n.9 is arrived fifth at the Formula 1 World Champion 2007, with two podium in season. The best result of the German driver is the second place at the Grand Prix of Canada. Together with teammate Robert Kubica they brought BMW – Sauber to third place in the manufacturers’ championship.


BMW – Sauber F1.07
Designer: Willy Rampf, Jörg Zander, Willem Toet
Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque
Length: 4540 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Height: 950 mm
Suspension front: double wishbone, push-rod activated inboard spring/damper. Zero keel geometry
Suspension rear: double wishbone, push-rod activated inboard spring/damper.
Brakes: Carbon Industrie carbon discs and pads
Tyres: Bridgestone


BMW P86/7 2400 cc V8 90° in a mid-mounted
Power: 559 kw
DriveType: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: BMW – Sauber seven-speed longitudinal semi-automatic
Fuel brand: Petrobras
Fuel Type: Petrol


Fifth in the Formula 1 World Champion 2007 with driver Nick Heidfeld


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